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Team: Our Team

Our Team

The STORM Team

UCL Research Team:

  • Professor Katrina Scior - Project Lead

  • Lisa Richardson - Project Manager

  • Michaela Osborne - Research Assistant


  • Dr Afia Ali -  Senior Clinical Lecturer, University College London

  • Dr Eva-Maria Bonin - Assistant Professorial Research Fellow, London School of Economics 

  • Christine Burke - Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities (FPLD)

  • Dr Rachel McNamara - Head of Trial Management, Centre for Trials and Research, Cardiff University

  • Dr David Gillespie - Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Trials and Research, Cardiff University

  • Dr Jason Crabtree - Consultant Clinical Psychologist, East London NHS Foundation Trust 

  • Professor Richard Hastings -Professor and Cerebra Chair of Family Research, University of Warwick

  • Professor Andrew Jahoda - Professor of Learning Disabilities, University of Glasgow



  • Mencap - Intervention delivery led by Carla Barrett and Harriet Bird

  • Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities


Group Facilitator Advisors:

  • Laura Kerr - People First Dorset

  • Jane Menzies - Bexley Mencap

  • Lisa Bush - St Piers College

Screen Shot 2021-01-06 at 15.09.59.png

STORM Expert Advisor Panel


(Left to right) Celia Brown, Paul Davies, Harry Roche & Adrian Brown

We work closely with a team of self-advocate advisors from the Elfrida Society and Mencap who advise on all aspects of the project and are also members of the STORM Study Management Group.  The Panel's meetings are co-chaired by one of the self-advocates and Christine Koualla-Burke from the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities. The Panel is actively engaged in presenting and co-presenting the project and to date has presented findings from an initial pilot of the STORM Programme at the Open University's Social History Learning Disability Conference in July 2018 and at a UCL conference in September 2018.

The team who developed STORM

We thank the external project advisors and steering group for their input to the development of the STORM programme:  

  • Afia Ali - University College London

  • Andrew Jahoda - Glasgow University 

  • Jason Crabtree - Tower Hamlets Learning Disability Service

  • Richard Hastings - Warwick University

  • Sandra Baum - Oxleas NHS Trust

  • Sophie Doswell - Barnet Learning Disability Service

  • Adelle Havard, Celia Brown, Paul Davies and Adrian Brown - The Elfrida Society

  • Harry Roche - Royal Mencap Society

  • Laura Kerr, Adam Kelly and Richard Maxfield - People First Dorset

We thank Professor Andy Minnion and Ajay Chotsky from the Rix Centre for working in partnership with us in developing the STORM Wiki, which is utilised to deliver the STORM programme.  

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